IT Governance

IT governance is a framework that ensures your organization’s IT infrastructure supports and enables the achievement of its corporate strategies and objectives. The full definition can be found in IT Governance: A Pocket Guide by Alan Calder. IT governance framework is a type of framework that defines the ways and methods through which an organization can implement, manage and monitor IT governance within an organization The official IT governance standard is ISO/IEC 38500:2015. It sets out a straightforward framework for the board’s governance of information and communications technology and is a key resource for IT governance professionals everywhere in the world.


Understanding Big Data and Hadoop

Hadoop Architecture and HDFS

Hadoop MapReduce Framework

Advanced Hadoop MapReduce

Apache Pig

Apache Hive

Advanced Apache Hive and HBase

Advanced Apache HBase

Processing Distributed Data with Apache Spark

Oozie and Hadoop Project

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    Execution and Implementation


    Big Data Solutions

    Analytics and Big Data

    Cloud Technologies

    Target Audience

    Best suited to Information Technology professionals who possess intermediate to advanced programming, systems administration or relational database skills and are looking to move into the area of Big Data. These include

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